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Data Definitions
Additional Data Sources

GIE is also providing related data such as the LNG Map and LNG Investment Database at

Gas Day Definition

“Gas day’ means the period from 5:00 to 5:00 UTC the following day for winter time and from 4:00 to 4:00 UTC the following day when daylight saving is applied. Gas day is to be interpreted as UTC+1 for CET or UTC+2 in summer time for CEST. (Definition: see CAM Network Code specifications)

News Updates

ALSI offers you the possibility to be kept up to date whenever a new Service Announcemement or update from one of our data providers is posted on the website. Please provide your contact details using the subscription form, and you will be informed by e-mail whenever news or updates are made available.

Publication Date And Timing

The data represents gas in storage at the end of the previous gas day. Data is updated every day at 19:30 CET and a second time at 23:00. Some SSO are not able to provide their data before 19:30 but it will be included in the second processing run at 23:00.


For fundamental data reporting to the ACER REMIT Information System (ARIS), please see

Units Of Measurement

Energy units: based on GCV. For GCV, energy and Wobbe-index the default combustion reference temperature is 25 °C (normalised) (Definition : see INT Network Code specifications)

Data Publication

Data published is based on REMIT Reporting by LSOs

  • LNG Inventory:
    • Aggregated amount of LNG in the LNG tanks at the end of the previous gas day
    • Reported in volume (103 m3 LNG) - m3 being expressed at 0 degrees Celcius and 1 013 mbar)
  • Send-Out:
    • The aggregated gas flow out of the LNG facility within the gas day
    • Reported in energy units (GWh/d)
  • DTMI:
    • Declared Total Maximum Inventory
    • Reported in volume (103 m3 LNG) - m3 being expressed at 0 degrees Celcius and 1 013 mbar)
  • DTRS:
    • Declared Total Reference Sendout
    • Reported in energy units (GWh/d)

For inquiries, please contact GIE at:

Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE)
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